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29th January 2020 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Experiencing this gentle touch will give you your individual answer to your questions, so please book a session with one of the practitioners near you, or try to find a support and exchange group. It is so easy to learn , that you can pcik up the practice in an evening.

Of course I can also try to answer your questions by e-mail, please clock the link below to send me your query.

I just have not got any clues, what you might want to know...

but there are some good webpages to illustrate more, some will promote related work, and not necessarily call their work the Metamorphic Technique:
try The Metamorphic Association to find a Metamorphic Technique practitioner near you and to read about the network
try Metamorphic journeys for brilliantly illustrated videos and courses in Metamorphic Touch in the sun led by Dominique Meerhoff
try Elizabeth Harley for a local practitioner near Forres/Moray

or send me an e-mail if you are interested in LINA-Life touch : it is light, inspiring, never assuming - and definitely worth a try or the experience

Tel: 0044-1479-841347
e-mail by clicking on the address: