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29th January 2020 
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Sessions&Your Practitioner
Sessions&Your Practitioner. Ba at wedding

Experiencing first hand tells you most!!!

Interested enough to give it a try??
Barbara was a registered teacher member of the Metamorphic Association for 12 years and a member for 25 years, but has recently decided to leave the association, which is now a governing body. Barbara feels it is right for her to step beyond and to walk in greater freedom from regulations and to find a more inclusive and simpler way to promote 'doing feet'.
It is impossible to tell in words or to predict, what this work can mean for you once you've had a taste of it. And it is the only way to see, if you like it or not - is to try the practice, the light touch of the practitioner's hands on your feet, hands and head, the touch that can act as a catalyst to set your own potential free, like the earth and humidity support the development of a seed into a plant........letting it grow its own way unfolding its unique potential!

As a practitioner I have used and experienced this work for 30 years now and am still astonished by the gentle power behind it - of course it is the recipient's life force!

As a 'patient', the one who lets it happen, I have also come a long way with it (Metamorphosis as well as the Metamorphic Technique) and I am sure, my life would not be the same without it. If I may share personally, I feel, that after receiving sessions my patterns of an eating disorder have shifted totally.

You can book sessions in light life touch (LLT) with me over the phone or e-mail . I work in Carrbridge and in Inverness but am also happy to travel, if it is not too far.
Charges are 35.- in CarrBridge,40 in Inverness; homevisits according to distance.

Or just come to one of the free exchange evenings at my home; you can meet lovely people there and also get taught how to do the work on others; and you get a session for free that way! Each first Wednesday of a month at 7.30pm till about 10.00pm. Please phone in advance.

If you wish me to show you the work and how to share it with your children, who usually benefit immensely, I can also do this during a normal session. Parents seem to be the best practitioners for their children...and vice versa.

As I am also a practicing health professional (chartered physiotherapist and reflex-therapist), I abide by the code of ethics of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, though the professional background has no direct influence on the LINA LLT sessions. However I do very strongly believe, that it is useful to bring various complimentary approaches together in healthcare for the benefit of all who are in need.
Here my details again:
Barbara Hummel
PH23 3AX

phone:01479-841347 e-mail: click here to e-mail me

Recently Jane Stratton (daughter of Audrey Pasternak) has moved to the Scottish Borders and contacted me, as she is hoping to see clients for sessions: This is what she would like to post:

Jane Stratton lives in the Scottish Borders near Kelso. For information on my work or to book a session please either call 07513 170114 or email at

Any other practitioners who would like to be listed, please give me a ring and we can organise it through this page.

Travel well on your journey!!