Barbara Hummel Metamorphic Technique

29th January 2020 
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Invernesshire PH23 3AX
Workshops&The Teacher
Workshops&The Teacher. pagoda workshop

So easy to learn!!

Your next chance to learn this wonderful practice Light Life touch is not far. I will announce regular weekend workshops soon. They will either be held in Inverness or in Carrbridge. Likely Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday.

10:00 am til 16:00 pm
Introduction 6 hours first day
Deeper into the practice and theory the day after 6 hours

I am happy to arrange pick-ups and support.
Please txt me 07967-372121 if you are interested in a workshop. and keep an eye on this page.
It is possible to attend only one of the two days.
Both days count as a full practitioners workshop.

Bring lunch or snacks, warm socks and maybe a towel..please.

Proceeds for Highland Hospice -- by donation -

A day workshop for all who seek their own unique direction in life
Easy group dance, grounding Yoga practice and the gentle touch of the Light Life Touch – This workshop offers the participants to get closer to themselves, as well as to enjoy a relaxing fun day in a group of lovely people. All physical exercises are gentle and optional.
No set day as yet, please let me know your interest

9.30 until ca 18.00
Carrbridge Village Hall
a towel and clean feet, a scarf, comfy clothes (leggings), lunch, water

and a mat or blanket if you have
For more information: Please text Barbara on 07967-372121
Organised by Bumble-Bee’s Physio in aid of the Highland Hospice Project Build Appeal
Cost: By donation fully at your discretion

I would also like to get in touch with people, who would like to organise talks and workshops for me - share of profit, especially in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness! Interested, then please get in touch.

For all enquiries, please e-mail me:
or phone 01479-841347