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22nd July 2019 
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Welcome this Metamorphic Technique Scotland/UK website!

The Metamorphic Technique (Scotland) is a simple , yet powerful approach. Self healing, inner creativity and realisation of your own true potential may be your wish. Let life guide you from who you are right now to what you can be
and already are in potential.

It feels a bit like 'homoeopathy of reflexology", because of the very light touch, which the practitioner uses on the recipient's feet, hands and head, which from the early days of the technique till today has been thoroughly enjoyed for example by children with special needs.
But we must not confuse the Metamorphic Technique (MT) with any form of a therapy, because the practitioner does not give a specific direction to the process, but rather stays detached from the results achieved. He/She knows and trusts, that the life force of the recipient is much more powerful than our limited mind to loosen old patterns, which may result in bringing about change, transformation and healing for the person receiving sessions.

Do you feel stuck in your patterns, are you ready for something totally new? Are you forced through a time of change? Do you want to come to yourself rather than listening to other people's advice? Do you feel deeply for others and want to share this simple tool with them?

Then the time might be right to get in touch with the Metamorphic Technique.
If you like to receive up to date information about the technique or the association, please get in touch with the Metamorphic Association. You will also find a list there of the many listed practitioners.

Barbara has recently cancelled her membership with the association and does currently not offer any courses in this technique. Barbara can be contacted via e-mail or on the address below for enquiries about sessions in Light Life Touch and upcoming workshops, which will combine her experience gained in years working with the Metamorphic Technique, but also Metamorphosis and Reflextherapy, Yoga and Circle Dance. Based in the Highlands of Scotland she still loves to travel for teaching workshops of various contents. She has been touched by the work of Robert St John and later Gaston St Pierre since 30 years and was Scotland's first teacher member of the Metamorphic Association. Barbara also organised and translated many workshops for Gaston St. Pierre, the founder of Metamorphic Association in the 1990s and early 2000s. She believes that this work and similar approaches should be affordable and available to everyone! Barbara was a registered teacher member of the Metamorphic Association for 12 years and a member for 25 years, but has recently decided to leave the association, which is now a governing body. Barbara feels it is right fo her to step beyond and to walk in greater freedom from regulations and to find a more inclusive and simpler way to promote 'doing feet'.

You googled Metamorphic Technique, so If you like to find more information about the Metamorphic Technique, please link to Metamorphic Association.

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To get in touch with Barbara about her exiting new workshop and taster sessions in Light Life Touch, please e-mail or phone:

Barbara Hummel
PH23 3AX
Tel:01479 841347
e-mail: click here to e-mail Barbara

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